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  Gonna need funds for this month's internet bill. Come help a princess out! Pweety Pweese?
My laptop's charger also came in the mail and I can do Digital Art again!
    Okay so it turns out the internet bill is much more bigger than I expected. $260 (Mainly due to late fees, my mom is the only person who can pay it online and i give her the money in cash but yeah) 

Anyway I have about Half the money thanks to NowiGreen for helping but I need the other half! 
    Hope all ya dank ass babs are enjoying the smoke, and stuff.
Special Brownies for EVERYONE!
With the Pink Pastel Princess. And The Super Cute Sthinky Sheepie!
  Well this SUCKS! My Laptop's charger is broken and I cannot get my laptop to charge. You know how with broken headphones, the only way to get both sound channels to work is if you either tie it up at the breaking point or hold it a sepcial way? Well It's pretty much that, but my baby neice just ripped it making it much worse. Like completely damaging the wire. So yeah. I'm gonna have to put Digital Artworks on Hold. Atleast untill I can either, get a new charger, or a new laptop. Depends how much I make next month.

For the commissions that are already past the lineart mark, I can still finish those so you don't have anything to worry about.
Commissions that haven't gotten started on. It's now gonna be a traditional peice instead.

All future commissions and stuff from now on are gonna be Traditional artworks untill I can get a replacement. Lucky for you I've still was practicing traditional pictures before so just wait.
Prices will remain the same regardless of materials.

EDIT: Okay so these 2 are the only ones that got finished before my laptop died. Will continue working on these!
LOL Bab Preview by PrincessPolly63 Lined. Currently getting colored
PPG Babs Preview by PrincessPolly63 Lined. Currently getting colored
    Why doesn't Ramona get a restraining order on all of her Ex's the second they found out they all wanted Scott killed?
Even more petty that they lose their shit just because she left them all for Scott. Better yet, why didn't they kill each other? Even if Scott dies, what then? That's something I'd like to see. If Scott was killed by the pirate dude (1st Ex), would the other ex's just go after Ramona and everyone else assosiated with her, or would they kill each other knowing they still have some feeling for her?

I know it's one of those fantasy type movies/comic/whatever, but if was me who was going to be on a hit list by my GF's ex's I'd probably do something. Put an oposing hit list would be an obvious thing first. (Can you put a hit on someone who already got a hit on you?) Getting a restraining order second if the hit list fails, or if that's illegal. Then defenetly fight if restraining order also fails.
    Okay, so using an HDMI capture card with OBS worked. My VGA to HDMI worked. All set for a stream? NOPE
Some reason, the capture card doesn't work with my adapter so now I have to give up on hope for streaming with my current laptop.
There is some hope though. The capture card works with computers with HDMI outputs only, and the next laptop I'm hoping to get does have HDMI out.

Though I'm gonna have to wait since this internet's bill is gonna be big due to some personal issues. 
:P I'm sorry I couldn't resist putting that as the title of the journal. I actually have a few positives to say about the program.

    Anyway last night I decided to stream using Open Broadcaster Software instead of Mishira in hopes of being able to stream with HDMI stuff. But before I could use the capture card I had to test the actual stream first. Compared to Mishira, OBS felt somewhat familiar. Similar tools. It was almost as easy to set up. Only flaw I had issues with was that while Mishira had the tools on the sides, like the scenes and stream controls, OBS had the tools on bottom and can only be moved to the top. 
    Another Flaw I notice, was that when using the profiles on Mishira, I could easily make alterations to 2 separate streams so neither was entirely similar. OBS however, the only differences with the profiles, was the stream key. Everything else like the capture and scenes are always the same, so now I have to be careful on what I put on stream otherwise I might show something that wasn't meant for the other stream. Maybe that's the Scenes are for... IDK
    People did tell me that while the picture was clearer, it was still unstable so I have to readjust the stream quality again. 

Anyway to those who couldn't tell what I was drawing or if you couldn't make it to th stream here's what ya missed...
Bab Peach and Bab Daisy by PrincessPolly63
    The card finally came and it worked. Was able to record stuff from my xBox. Unfortunetly when I tried using Mishira with it, it didn't record it so that realy sucks. Just found out Mishira is not compatable with capture cards, but maybe OBS is. Gonna look into it more.

I'm just so happy that I have a capture card now.
If you could build your own computer either for gaming or art, what parts would you use? (Internal hardware, and outer case. Accessories like Card slots and other stuff included)

I've gotten a PCI HDMI capture card and an internal card reader thanks to my dad's help. Will install the HDMI Card as soon as I get it. Unfortunetly cannot get the card reader installed due to no room in my computer's current case. Will have to wait to get that replace.
Thought I share a personal story with you.

One time during highschool, I got myself a package of diapers that I had to keep hidden so I snuck them into school and stored them in my locker.
Just for curiosity rather than taking them home one by one, I wore one throughout the whole school day. 

History class, last class of the day. I felt something wrong. My stomach didn't feel right. I had drank too many milks and not once did I went to the bathroom after. I knew I had to grab a fresh diaper and ran straight for the bathroom but my bladded for some reason couldn't hold it, I let go in my own diaper. I ran into the stall to check and it was wet, part of it spilled on the floor and I had to be quick. I cleaned up the mess and waited for a chance to change and throw the used diaper in the trash. 
I went back to class but I felt nervous. I messed my diaper, like a helpless baby. If anyone found out, they would've made fun of me
    Just a quick warning to those who care! The Wii Points thing will close on the 28th. And I myself have yet to purchase any amount. Had to wait untill I got a gen 1 Wii since I also wanted Gamecube support. 

So there's that.
    What's one thing you wouldn't want to see me draw (Aside from the usual deviantart rule related stuff that isn't allowed on here)?

I've set limits to what I won't draw from personal experience, like nudety or some level of BDSM.
But what are your thoughts:
-Is there like a certain subject you wouldn't feel right as an AB artist should come cross?
-Something that wouldn't look right in my art style?
-Or something you hated that the other AB artist did that I haven't done before? 

('ve heard from a few that the reasons why I got watchers was that I wasn't drawing certain art that they didn't find comfortable with the other artists)
Keep in mind I won't judge the others for the content of their work. What they do and what I do is mostly of personal preference. I just want to take the time to learn what you don't feel comfy with.

This is purely a journal meant for discussion and your personal preference will not be judged. (I will hide the comments that harshly judge others) 
If for some reason that you as a majority share a singular discomfort with a subject then I will ad that on the "Do not draw" list 
If you learned a useful skill from someone who turned out to be a cruel person, should you keep what you have learned from them or forget what you have learned and move on?
    I'm sure you all (or most) will be happy to hear, my Aunt has given me her Gen 1 Wii. (the one with Gamecube Support) 
I will now be able to play GameCube games and use the actual controllers. Some games I do want to play is Mario Sunshine, and Star Fox Assult. Not Melee cause screw Melee!

Although my Wii was more recent and is still good, I am selling it to help pay for more games!

This has to be the most badass thing I've ever seen from Nintendo. SO MUCH HYPE!
    Any suggestions for what to do on this celibration?
Welp I'm fucked 

I have recived a bill for the internet and I need to make $200 fast before tommorow!

I am going to open a commission stream as a last min effort to make some cash to pay it off.
Please help

Money goal Earned! Thank you all for those who attended! sketches
Screencap Google Image by PrincessPolly63
So is it just me or did they seriously remove the "View Image" button?
Seriously WTH Google?

Before, if I just wanted to see the picture I'd click the View Image button on the row of buttons, or just click the image itself. If I wanted to see the web page for more info I'd clicked the View Page, or in this case Visit. 

Now I have to either visit the page and try looking for the image, or right click the image and "Open Image on New Tab" 
Commission price chart by PrincessPolly63